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At the Taproom:

River North White
White Ale / Belgian-Style Wit  (20 IBU, 5.0% ABV)
This crisp Belgian-style wit has a subtle spicy, citrus aroma and a delicate, dry finish. Sessionable and refreshing, this represents the evolution of the traditional Belgian-style wheat beer.

Hello, Darkness
Black IPA  (57 IBU, 6.2% ABV)
A healthy dose of roasted malt character is balanced by a lingering hoppy bitterness. Notes of coffee and chocolate provide a base for dry-hopping, while a Belgian yeast strain adds additional spicy complexity. This beer is a black IPA in flavor, not just color.

Belgian-Style Pale Red Ale  (64 IBU, 6.4% ABV)
Hoppy enough to be a Belgian IPA, spicy yeast esters blend with West Coast hops to create a pleasantly bitter, complex, unique brew.

J. Marie
Saison / Farmhouse Ale  (23 IBU, 7.5% ABV)
Notes of apricot on the nose complement a malty backbone and dry finish. True to the farmhouse style, this ale uses only the simplest ingredients – two malts, one hop, and saison yeast. Named for Founder/Head Brewer Matt’s wife Jessica.

Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle
Belgian-Style Double IPA  (100ish IBU, 9.0% ABV)
This infamous brew is our Belgian spin on a typical American hop bomb. A copious amount of West Coast American hops are tempered by our house yeast strain, giving you the best of both continents. Beer Advocate Magazine recently rated this beer 90/100.

Quadrupel  (24 IBU, 9.6% ABV)
Our take on an Abbey-style Quad exhibits notes of dark fruit, including raisin, date, and plum, backed by a sweet malt body and lingering spiciness. This beer finishes with a pleasant warmth on the palate.

Unified Theory
Oaked Imperial Wit  (23 IBU, 8.5% ABV)
A most unusual combination of flavors that just plain works. The beer is aged in the fermenter over new American Oak spirals. Oak character combines with the traditional Witbier spiciness to produce subtle vanilla notes on the nose, followed by a dry finish.

Belgian-Style Imperial Stout  (82 IBU, 9.3% ABV) 
Crossing a traditional Russian Imperial Stout with a Belgian-style yeast strain produces an unprecedented spicy, roasted aroma reminiscent of chocolate and anise. An aggressive hop backbone complements intense notes of coffee.

Limited Release Beers:

Barrel Series No. 1 - J. Marie Aged in Whiskey Barrels
Barrel Series No. 2 - J. Marie Aged in White Wine Barrels
Barrel Series No. 3 - Quandary Aged in Whiskey Barrels
Barrel Series No. 4 - BPR Aged in Whiskey Barrels (Draft Only)
Barrel Series No. 5 - River North White Aged in White Wine Barrels (Draft Only)
Barrel Series No. 6 - River North White Aged in Whiskey Barrels (Draft Only)
Barrel Series No. 7 - Whiskey Barrel Aged Avarice
Barrel Series No. 8 - Blended Dark Ale Aged in Whiskey Barrels
Anniversary Ale 1 - Imperial Stout (60 IBU, 12.5% ABV)

Available in Stores  Year-Round (22 oz Bottles): 

J. Marie
Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle
Unified Theory
River North Dubbel